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About me...

Hi, my name is Sally.

I am a Hypnobirthing Practitioner, Childbirth Educator, Registered Nurse & mother of two beautiful boys. 

When I fell pregnant with my first son, I was so fearful of childbirth. When I discovered Hypnobirthing, it was incredible how quickly my mindset shifted. Instead of dreading the birth of my baby, I looked forward to it with excitement. I now want to use my experience to help other women face the fears that society has ingrained in them from an early age.

I want to help women in Geelong truly enjoy their pregnancy and have a wonderful birthing experience. The day your baby is born should be the most amazing day of your life. I believe it is the foundation of a positive motherhood journey. A calm and confident birth leads to a calm and confident mother. 

                                                                          Sally xx


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Bachelor of Nursing- Deakin University

Graduate Nurse Program -  Cabrini Hospital

Fundamentals of Emergency Nursing

Nurse Immuniser - La Trobe University

Hypnobirthing Practitioner Childbirth    Educator - Hypnobirthing Australia

Basics of Hypnosis - Hypnobirthing        Australia

Basics of Childbirth - Hypnobirthing Australia

What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is the act of utilizing self-hypnosis during childbirth. 


Self-hypnosis is more commonly known in society as creative visualisation, deep relaxation or guided meditation. Many people practice self-hypnosis daily without being aware they are doing so, most commonly, when falling asleep or when trying to overcome anxiety.


Hypnobirthing Australia has created The Positive Birth Program for expecting mothers and their support person to engage in quality evidence based childbirth education. Too often we hear the term "a healthy baby is all that matters". Hypnobirthing Australia strives to teach women that they too are important. The mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of the mother matters, it matters ALOT!


Hypnobirthing teaches methods that can be used for a range of different birth circumstances. Whether you choose Vaginal or Caesarean,  this program will be extremely beneficial in helping you feel in control and confident during your birth. 

If you would like to know more (including a full outline of what is included in each module) sign up to the Free Hypnobirthing Information session here.

Positive Birth Program course outline

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UNIT ONE- Creating & maintaining a positive mindset 


  • What is self-hypnosis & how will we use it for birth?

  • Our hormones

  • Physiology behind birth

  • Causes of fear & how it affects our labour (Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome)

  • Environment and language matters

  • What are birth affirmations & how to write them

  • The role of our caregivers and support person

  • MORE - details in Free Info session

UNIT TWO- Our toolkit for birth


  • Releasing endorphins (the feel good chemicals)

  • Acupressure techniques for pregnancy, birth & breastfeeding.

  • Visualisations for pregnancy and labour

  • Relaxation breathing

  • Surge breathing

  • Techniques to help make your surges more comfortable

  • The 'urge' to push

  • Instant relaxation techniques

  • MORE - details in Free info session.

UNIT THREE - Preparation & choices for empowered birthing

  • How to write a birth plan/preferences

  • Common interventions & procedures

  • Questions to ask to assist in making informed decisions

  • Role of the birth partner 

  • Achieving a natural start to labour/Inductions

  • Preparing the body

  • Optimizing baby's position + options for Breech or Posterior 

  • MORE - details in Free Info session

UNIT FOUR - The Birth 

  • Signs of labour

  • Positions for labour & birth

  • When to call the midwife/go to hospital

  • Accidental home/car birth & what to do!

  • Using water during labour & birth

  • Special circumstances (incl Caesarean birth)

  • Cord clamping & placenta delivery

  • Bonding & breastfeeding - skin to skin

  • MOREdetails in Free Info session

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